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Race Training on a Racing Yacht: 
We offer race training on racing yachts on the Solent or on your own yacht in your own sailing area. Benefit from set up and handling tips from a skipper and RYA Keelboat Race Coach who has been racing big keelboats for many years.

Crews usually book a boat for the days training as a team but we can mix and match. Please call or email us to discuss options. Alternatively, we can arrange an extra days charter on board your boat immediately before a regatta for a valuable days preparation and training. 

Please contact info@takingthehelm.co.uk for more information on dates and to book a days training.

Non RYA Sail and Power Training
Taking The Helm can offer non RYA sail and power training for those who do not need a certificate or qualification or who already have one but would like further specific training.

Below is a list of what we can offer, but if you want to mix and match your training, please call or email us and we can discuss your ideas.


Race Training
Racing and race training can take your sailing to a new level and is delivered by an RYA Keelboat Race Coach.

More and more novice and intermediate sailors are discovering that racing is an exciting way to improve your skills and learn how to sail efficiently whilst having fun in a competitive environment.

Racing develops team work and leadership skills, improves your boat handling, sail trim and communication.

Whatever your standard of sailing or experience, there is a racing fleet out there for you. We can use our judgement to find the right boat and the right regatta. We can arrange race training and racing on the Solent, renowned for it's challenging tidal race areas.

The race training we offer will be tailored to your needs, whether it be race tactics, starts, advice on how to run a novice crew or simply(!) making the boat go faster.

Call or email us to discuss what we can offer you.

Mentored Sailing
Mentored sailing is an excellent way of new skippers making that sometimes difficult transition from a newly qualified skipper to one who exudes confidence to his or her crew.

It is designed for those who would like the reassurance of having an experienced instructor on board for a day or so at the start of a weekend charter or sailing holiday, ready to give advice wherever needed.

Maybe you are taking your family or friends out for your first time as skipper and would appreciate some guidance regarding passage planning, boat handling or crew management. Maybe you would like someone there acting as a 1st mate whilst you take care of some other family duties. Whatever your reasons, mentored sailing is there to relieve some of the pressure.

Mentored sailing is becoming a recognised way of making the transition pain free.

Call or email us to discuss what we can offer you.


Team Building & Leadership Training
We have highly qualified sailing instructors who have experience working in dynamic team environments in a variety of occupations. We also use highly qualified and experienced facilitators to help get the most from your training.

This combination allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to get the very best out of their team building and leadership training activities.

A yacht offers a great platform for teambuilding and leadership training. It can highlight areas where performance can be discussed in a professional and expert way that leads to learning, development and improvement.

We can cater for small groups for short two day courses or larger groups in more than one boat who can then go on to test their skills head to head in a racing environment.

Call or email to discuss what training we can offer you.


Dinghy Tuition
Ask any big boat sailor how you can improve your big boat sailing and they will tell you to start sailing a dinghy. All the successful keelboat sailors have been successful dinghy sailors. Spotted the connection yet?

We can offer private, one to one dinghy tuition in Hertfordshire and in Docklands in London.

Alternatively, we can also offer you tuition on your own dinghy at your own sailing venue.

Having a day or half a day private tuition in a dinghy is a cost effective and fast track method of improving your skills on the water.

Most dinghy sailing is based around racing but seamanship skills are also dealt with which will help improve novice and intermediate sailor's skills and build up an awareness of how dinghies and keelboats behave.

We can offer dinghy tuition in Hertfordshire or at Broxbourne in Essex at extremely competitive rates. Half a day for £50 and a full 8 hours for £90 and this includes the use of the dinghy. This is fantastic value for money and is becoming a very popular way of learning and improving sailing skills. If training at your own venue, prices increase in proportion to the travelling time and distance but still offer great value for money.

Call or email to discuss what we can offer you.


Non-RYA Astro Navigation
Celestial Navigation is coming back into fashion as people realise that this dying art is clever, fascinating and useful, even in a world full of handheld navigation devices and chart plotters.

We have run three non-RYA astro courses over the last 6 months taking either novices or intermediate astro navigators through their paces and making sure they go home having not only learnt how to use a sextant, but understanding how it all works.

The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory is a specific course designed for a specific reason. What the shorebased RYA course does not do, is teach any extensive practical use of the sextant. Very often there is not the time or opportunity to teach an understanding of how astro works.

Once you start to understand celestial navigation you expose yourself to the risk of getting hooked. One of our students is regularly seen on a ferry or a south facing beach with sextant in hand!

We run 3 day courses with an optional 4th day added on for those who want to spend a day down on a beach testing their skills and putting it all into practice.

Courses start from £300 per person for one to one tuition but group courses for up to 4 people can attract a discount. 4 is the maximum number of students we teach at one time so as to ensure they get very specific tuition.

Courses can be run in the comfort of your own home or office or we can provide the venue. We also provide the sextant.

Call us or email us and let us introduce you to the fascinating world of Astro.


Own Boat Tuition
We can offer you the opportunity to learn to sail or skipper your own power vessel.

Whether you are new to the water or have owned a boat for years, we are able to tailor instruction to suit your specific needs in the comfort of your own boat in familiar waters.

You may want to learn to navigate properly, brush up on some RYA theory, or improve your close quarters boat handling skills (something you rarely get the opportunity to do when out with family or friends), or simply get some mile building experience in preparation for an RYA DoT examination. If this is the case, own boat tuition offers you the opportunity to learn in a familiar environment.

Call or email us to discuss what we can offer you.


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